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Shane Wilson, who lives in South Padre Island, believes the great outdoors brings families together.

“It’s about the bonding moments where parents step back into their child’s life and they teach them something,” said President of fishing’s future Shane Wilson.

That’s why he created fishing’s future. It is a camp designed to unite children and parents. The program gives parents an opportunity to take their kids away from the distractions of daily technology and into nature. It started in 2004 and in 2007 was granted non-profit status.

“These bonding moments out in nature is something that needs to be done and it’s something that low and behold I hope others join me,” said Wilson.

Wilson says by August of this year there will be a fishing’s future chapter in the Dallas metroplex. He’s currently looking for an ideal instructor to teach parents and children in this community the beauty of fishing. Fishing allows parents and children to sit side by side. Wilson says it’s the only sport that offers such closeness.

“I need to get these kids out with their parents,” said Wilson. “It’s not about the fishing. The fishing is the hook that we hook the parents and kids together with.”

Cynthia Cervantes grew up in a family with all sisters. She’s a single mother and says it’s sometimes hard to relate to her little boy.

“This is great because it’s teaching me what I need to know to bond with him and relate with him,” said mother Cynthia Cervantes.

“I want this to start a family tradition and this is the beginning,” said father Daniel Buentello.

And it is also just the beginning for fishing’s future. Wilson plans to continue adding new chapters around Texas and expand nationwide.

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