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Dallas Desire train at Metroflex Gym [HD]

Austin Wright
Dallas Desire train at Metroflex Gym [HD]

The ladies that make up the Dallas Desire football team have shown they know how to handle a pigskin but before the girls can storm the field they hit the gym. If you think this team’s training program is routine Metroflex Gym trainer Steve Trentham says think again.

“We’re going to take them out and do some unconventional stuff,” said Steve Trentham.

Part of this unconventional workout includes lifting heavy, monster tires that weight over two hundred and fifty pounds. Not an easy task unless you’re a Dallas Desire.

“It’s definitely an intense environment,” said Trentham. “This is not a powder puff team or someone that’s going for something that’s routine or easy. They’re playing full, contact football. They’re trying to knock each others heads off.”

Lingerie may be this team’s uniform but don’t be fooled. It’s full throttle football and these girls love it.

“It’s definitely not touch football,” said Dallas Desire Quarterback Linda Brenner. “It’s full contact, smash mouth, tackle football. We’re trying to kill each other out there.”

Metroflex Gym’s unique style of conditioning has helped fast track the team to peak, physical condition.

“We went to their season opener and these girls are hitting,” saidMetroflex Gym Owner Greg McCoy. “They’re not playing around. The intensity is through the roof because they want to be better then the girl across from them.”

This team is looking to improve after they went win less in 2010 and are looking to breakout in 2011.

“You’re going to be surprised,” said Dallas Desire Running Back Candi Forbes. “It’s so intense and there’s a lot of talking, attitude and competition.”

During their workouts it’s all business. When it comes to football it’s all or nothing. According to this team the only thing girly is the lingerie.

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Austin Wright

This story was reported by: Austin Wright (15 Videos)

Hello DFW my name is Austin Wright and I'm proud to say that I was born and raised right here In North Texas. I come from a huge family that is made up of some of the most remarkable people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. They say everything is bigger in Texas and the Wright family is no exception. Dreams as we know are an important part of life but in order to truly sleep sound at night we must turn our dreams into reality and live them. Aviation has always been a dream of mine and after graduating from Eastern Hills in 2001 I hit the ground running and eventually earned my wings. For the past six years I've piloted corporate jets all over the world. My travels have allowed me to walk the streets of some amazing cities. However no matter where I am Dallas will always be home. Like flying broadcasting has always been another passion of mine. I'm excited to be a member of this very talented news team and I look forward to upholding our long standing tradition of bringing the DFW community positive, upbeat news.


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