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Festival brings technology to Sunnyvale [HD]

Angela Hamann
Festival brings technology to Sunnyvale [HD]

It would be hard not to find something to enjoy at the Sunnyvale Pecan Harvest Festival. Sunnyvale residents and people from all over north Texas seem to have their own reasons for visiting the festival.

“I like the cars,” said Tomi Shehan. “I enjoy looking at the antique cars. It reminds me of when I was a kid.”

“The food is always good,” said Charity Brown.

People also come to hear world-renowned music.

“A friend of mine Art Greenhaw from the Light Crust Doughboys is playing tonight,” said Shehan.

The Light Crust Doughboys are the longest running country band in the world and say they are the originators of Texas western swing music. Lead singer and Grammy winner Art Greenhaw is also a member of the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce.

“That’s one thing the Sunnyvale Chamber is trying to do is to get people all over the metroplex knowing of all the ambiance and the neat things that Sunnyvale has to offer,” said musician Art Greenhaw.

At first glance the Sunnyvale Pecan Harvest Festival may seem like your typical small town festival. There’s corn dogs, funnel cakes, great music, classic cars and of course pecans. But a nanotechnology exhibit may make this year’s festival different from any other.

“Terry Reid who is with the chamber of commerce here in Sunnyvale has expressed an interest in bringing the NanoProfessor program to the Sunnyvale area and the Sunnyvale school district her,” said Executive Vice President of NanoInk Dean Hart. “We’re very excited about that interest and we want to be down here to support the festival and support the activities here in Sunnyvale.”

Sunnyvale ISD is one of the first school districts in the country to incorporate the NanoProfessor program into their curriculum. Nanotechnology is an industry where jobs are growing by the millions and the skill of knowing the science of the small is in high demand.

“You can’t get any more cutting edge than nanotechnology and now there are programs such as the NanoProfessor program that allow undergraduate students that experience to really work at the nano scale and understand all of the principles that occur at that level and again prepare them for the jobs of the future,” said Hart.

For now nanotechnology is one part of the Sunnyvale Pecan Harvest Festival but you never know. This may be paving the way for the future of high school curriculum.

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