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“I feel emotional, mad and angry,” said Entre Karage.

Entre Karage relives it in his head over and over. He thinks about what happened 16 years ago.

“They say she was tossed over a creek somewhere,” said Karage.

In 1997 Karage was arrested and convicted for the rape and murder of his 14-year-old girlfriend Nary Na. He was sentenced to life in prison.

“I lost seven years in prison,” said Karage.

Na had disappeared. When Karage couldn’t find her he panicked and went to police for help. Her body was later found behind a shopping center in Dallas.

“Detectives told me they found her dead and I started breaking down crying,” said Karage.

Investigators thought Karage was behind the murder. They thought he was jealous. What confirmed that finding police say was a piece of hair on her body which belonged to another man. For the next 7 years Karage tried to clear his name.

“I kept fighting appeals and appeals and they kept denying me,” said Karage.

Finally Karage got the break he was hoping for. A judge agreed to allow DNA testing in the case. A man by the name of Keith Jordan turned out to be the real killer. His DNA matched what was found on Na’s body. Investigators say Jordan was already in the DNA data base for a similar crime.

Karage’s story is now detailed in a book called TESTED written by a woman who once worked for the district attorney’s office. It is the same office that put him behind bars. He is one of 12 exonerees profiled in the book.

“I just kept thinking about these men,” said TESTED Author Dori Budd. “I was thinking it would be one thing if you were in prison for a month for something you didn’t do or a year but these men were in prison for decades.”

Authors Dori and her daughter Peyton Budd were inspired by the men’s will to survive.

“I was excited to get a chance to meet these guys and in the end become their friends and share their stories with the world,” said TESTED Author Peyton Budd.

Karage says he has no problem sharing his hardships from his jail days. If anything this book has now given him a voice.

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