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Guinness World Record’s largest haunted house [HD]

Angela Hamann
Guinness World Record’s largest haunted house [HD]

Shrill screams are a common sound inside Guinness World Record’s largest haunted house. Originally a meat packing warehouse built in the early 1920’s, the massive building now houses over 3,500 feet of horror. Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth takes almost an hour to survive.

“We put a lot of detailed work into our sets, our cast and our actors, and the make-up department is really fantastic they do a great job,” said Co-Creator Todd James.

As visitors make their way through Cutting Edge, they see the finished product of each character, but it’s hard to appreciate the work happening backstage. Here in the cast room, the make-up artists spend hours creating characters that are real, or dead enough to scare anyone.

“You get to celebrate Halloween for two months and create monsters and come to a place where you are appreciated everyday where you get to be as creative and artistic as you want,” said make-up artist Liz McCracken.

“You’re trying to age people, put blemishes and boils and just the grossest stuff you can imagine on their face and it’s just a lot of fun,” said make-up artist Anna Chavez.

But make-up isn’t just for fun at this haunted house; it’s one of Cutting Edge’s most important assets.

“It adds character it helps you get into character and helps you define who you are basically,” said Stage Manager Kelsey Cobb.

“I think people don’t get into character until they get their make-up on,” said make-up artist Delena Williams.

The cast of Cutting Edge takes pride in playing their characters well and making them very real.

“The best part for me is when someone is so terrified they can’t finish,” said Stage Manager Jesse Beck.

And backstage they have an on-going contest to see who can scare the most people.

“There’s rivalries between two cast members competing or even a section or a room competing for most scare-outs,” said Beck.

“We keep a scare-out list so every time one of the actors or group of actors scares say a couple of people out and security escorts them out we keep a tally on a board called the scare-outs,” said James.

If you think you can make it through Cutting Edge, they’re waiting for you. But remember, there’s over 3,500 feet of zombies, ghosts and axe -murderers waiting to get you.

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    I love these people

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