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Texas band Johnny Cooper is putting their own spin on the country music scene.

“We tour with a lot of country dance halls and what not so we’re definitely the most pop band out there putting on an actual show,” said drummer Joe “Joey” Cortez IV. “We try and deliver it a little different than what most dance hall bands are doing out there.”

“We kind of mix in a bunch of stuff,” said lead guitarist Johnny Cooper. “We mix in country, rock and funk. Everybody in the band all love all kinds of music so we try and take a little bit from everything that we love and put it together to come up with our own stuff.”

Johnny Cooper, from Wichita Falls, Texas, has been playing music since he was 15. He was taking drum lessons from a friend who asked him if he could learn to play the guitar in just two weeks.

“Me and my dad sat down,” said Cooper. “He’s a very good piano player and he played in bands when he was growing up too so he kind of helped me out teaching me how to play the guitar. With the piano I learned about 12 songs, played that first gig and have been doing it ever since.”

Now Johnny Cooper puts on about 250 shows a year.

“I can definitely tell you you are in store for a good time,” said Cooper. “I can promise you that. We have a lot of high energy on stage. We don’t just stand there and play our instruments all night. My thought process is if you wanted to see us live then you wanted to see a show. If you just wanted to listen to the music then you would sit at home and listen to it on your stereo.”

The band originally broke out into the red dirt scene, which is a country, rock n roll scene born out of Oklahoma, but with their latest album they’re trying something new.

“When he started writing that’s what he was doing,” said keyboard player Nick Ghanbari. “He just came out with this new album last year called Follow which had a lot of organ parts, a lot of rock and alternative oriented stuff. Even some hip hop and stuff like that too.”

And the fans seem to like it. There’s a huge following for Johnny Cooper almost every time the band plays.

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