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Book Fair at Dallas African American Museum [HD]

Angela Hamann
Book Fair at Dallas African American Museum [HD]

The Tulisoma South Dallas Book Fair brings friends, families, area residents and visitors to the Dallas African American Museum.

“We started this event 8 years ago as something that would lift the souls of folks in South Dallas,” said Co-Founder Dr. Harry Robinson, Jr. “It was originally called the South Dallas Book Fair.”

Tulisoma is a Swahili word meaning “we read”. The fair is staying true to its original mission by giving visitors the opportunity to experience some of the best African American literature in north Texas.

“We decided to stick with our core mission, and that is to bring readers and writers and authors together,” said Robinson.

The fair is also a place where local artists like Freda Ross-Finley can sell their creations.

“Off and on I’ve been making jewelry probably for close to 20 years,” said jewelry artist Freda Ross-Finley.

But Ross isn’t just making jewelry. She’s making a difference.

“I made a couple of the breast cancer awareness bracelets just because awareness reminding women that they need to have their annual mammograms and reminding them that they need to do their self exams,” said Ross. “I just thought that was important.”

Ross’ handmade bracelets are 12 dollars each and 25 percent of the proceeds go to Tarrant County Susan G. Komen for the Cure. With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming in October, Ross hopes her bracelets will help raise awareness.

“I want to encourage everyone to get their bracelets, get your mammograms, get your exams and let’s beat cancer,” said Ross. “Not just breast cancer but cancer over all.”

Ross says she’s thankful for the opportunity to support breast cancer awareness, and Robinson appreciates people like Ross, who help make the fair possible.

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  1. Craig Says:

    Nice story and I love the web interface; it’s not as blaring and commercial as other TV stations’ sites. I also didn’t know about this event and I happen to know both of the people you interviewed for the story Angela. All those things make this a nice find for me!

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