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Stacey Keathley has survived four recurrences of brain cancer and is now undergoing treatment for her fifth brain tumor.

“They told me it was a grade four, which is the highest you can get of a brain tumor and that I would be going to heaven soon,” said Stacey Keathley. “I love every day. I wake up and say, what can I do today? It might be the last day, so we do what we can to make everything positive.”

Keathley has a passion for life and a passion for dance.

“I started when I was 3 years old and it’s all I ever wanted to do,” said Keathley.

About 15 years ago Keathley was in Los Angeles pursuing her dreams when she suffered a gran maul seizure. That was tumor number one. She continued dancing, but when tumor number two showed up, she decided to move home to Dallas to be with family.

“But I would have an MRI every month, and it wasn’t there,” said Keathley. “I was like oh my gosh I have another month. What can I do? So that’s kind of why I started the Move to Groove Ball. Let’s get something started for dancers.”

The Move to Groove Ball, which started in 2008, is a venue for dancers to showcase their talents.

“I think dance it is very important,” said Groove Dolls dancer Lacey Reeves. “I think that a lot of people grow up dancing and they have that passion in them and then at the age of 18 it kind of just stops. I think that something like this brings us all back together no matter what our age is, and we’re able to dance and do what we love most.”

“We’ve got so much talent here in Dallas,” said Groove Dolls dancer Shannon Telles. “It’s just the perfect excuse for us to have a show here, and not only in Los Angeles and New York, but we have something in the middle too.”

Move to Groove is held every 3 months and is open to anyone over the age of 18.

“I hope it will go on,” said Keathley. “I don’t know how long I will get to be here. Number 5 is already growing. I’m on chemo. I have a lot of friends that say Stacey we want to keep it going.”

After undergoing multiple operations, Keathley hasn’t lost any verbal or muscle function despite what her doctors told her.

“She is seriously an unstoppable force,” said MC for Move to Groove Ball Robert Anthony.

The next Move to Groove will be held October 9th at the Lakewood Theatre.

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3 Responses to “Fifth diagnosis of brain cancer hasn’t stopped Stacey Keathley [HD]”

  1. Penny Lewis Says:

    Texas Woman’s University Department of Dance fall 2010 dance concert series:
    DanceMakers: Nov 11 @ 4:pm, Nov 12/13 @ 7:pm
    Dance UpClose: Nov 18 @ 4:pm, Nov 19/20 @ 7:pm
    Independent Choreographic Initiative: Dec 3/4 @ 7:pm – Lacie Minyard
    Graduate Culminating Project: Dec 9 @ 7:pm – Cyrsta Caulkins
    Dance208: Dec 11 @ 7:pm
    Enjoyed your story. Would love to have you attend and write about our fantastic dance students. Contact me for a press pass. Thank you.

  2. Mike Snyder Says:

    Well told and inspiring story Rachel. Stacey Keathley is full of life and your story puts her right out there, not living with a brain tumor but living despite it. Good job.

  3. Chris Ghanbari Says:

    You inspire me Mike Snyder!

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