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Dallas is Love [HD]

Rachel Christianson
Dallas is Love [HD]

After seeing U.S. soldiers based in South Korea on a family trip Patrick and Tania Foster decided they wanted to help. The brother and sister duo created Dallas is Love in 2004 which is a non-profit that support the troops.

“Dallas is Love was created in 2004 in order to specifically benefit troops stationed in South Korea as my brother and I cam to recognize that there are a lot of different remote bases across the world that house and contain United States military troops,” said Tania Foster. “A lot of people were focusing on Iraq and Afghanistan but we have soldiers doing things all across the world.”

“Once we got back home that’s when my sister and I got to talking and we realized that we really needed to recognize all the efforts by the U.S. Military,” said Patrick Foster.

Tania and Patrick decided to go through the Army and Airforce Exchange Service to provide gift certificates to soldiers stationed all over the world.

“No matter where a soldier is going to be there is going to be an AAFES near by,” said Endre Purnsley. “It may not be a fixed facility. It may be a trailer but you are going to have all the creature comforts. You’re going to have Kool Aid. You’re going to have sunflower seeds, beef jerky, toiletries and baby wipes.”

Staff Sergeant Endre Purnsley has been stationed around the world.

“I’ve been stationed in Korea, Kosovo, Iraq and Italy,” said Purnsley. “Being away from home is always tough. There is really no way to describe it. If you’ve never had to leave your family to answer a higher call you may not know that you find a courage that’s inside of you that you never knew existed.”

And the gift certificates provide a little comfort.

“It’s a little slice of home and there is just enough there to get you over the hump,” said Purnsley. “The gift cards go a long way because ATM’s are hard to find in Iraq.”

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One Response to “Dallas is Love [HD]”

  1. Jude Stringfellow Says:

    Well, I suppose if you’re a Texan I can still love ya! Boomer Sooner! Faith and I would love to be interviewed by you. She being Faith the Dog. She is my friend and companion, and she’s a military E5 Sgt. You may know her best as the dog from Oprah, but she’s all over really. She helps military men and women who have had injuries and she helps the world at large as well through her inspirational life. Call me at 317-718-8218 or e-mail me: jude.stringfellow@gmail.com it would be great to speak with you, and I’ll try real hard not to bring up the game! LOL

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