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Madeline and Brian Robison enjoy reminiscing about the day they welcomed their first child into the world.

“From the day that she was born we knew she was very small for her age,” said mother Madeline Robison.

Born on December 19, 2003, little Amelia was their pride and joy. But her life quickly took an unexpected turn.

“By 9 weeks we knew we needed to get some medical help for her because she wouldn’t eat,” said Madeline Robison.

But it wasn’t until Amelia was 8 months old that the Robison’s realized she had a serious medical problem. They spent 23 consecutive days in the hospital hoping for answers.

“And they ran practically every test known to man to run on a pediatric patient,” said Madeline Robison.

One result suggested she had a metabolic disorder which is an illness that is almost always terminal.

“We had a situation where we grieved for Amelia her entire life,” said father Brian Robison.

But the Robison’s didn’t give up hope. They searched for more answers.

“But what we know is she is the only known victim in the world of this specific fat metabolism disorder that took her life,” said Madeline Robison.

Amelia Robison lost her battle with the unknown disorder right before she turned four and half years old.

“As much as we were sorry to lose her here, we were very glad for where we were convinced she was going,” said Brian Robison.

“She’s in paradise now and she can do all the things she could never do,” said Madeline Robison.

Madeline has been singing her entire life and both her and Brian are devout Christians.

“I realized that I was supposed to record a CD of hymns in her memory,” said Madeline Robison. “It was something that had come to me actually in the last week of Amelia’s life.”

But the grief overcame her desire to sing for nearly 2 years.

“I don’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t sung and it was a huge part of my relationship with Amelia,” said Madeline Robison.

Just recently Madeline found the strength to sing again.

“I realized that I really did want to record that CD of hymns and that was an idea I had not come up with on my own and that God had put that idea in my head,” said Madeline Robison.

Madeline is selling her CD to help others and Brian couldn’t be more proud.

“I think her voice is amazing,” said Brian Robison. “I think the CD is amazing. She’s been getting really great feedback.”

Proceeds from the CD’s will go toward building wells in Africa for children to have clean drinking water, and also help fund the freeing of children from bondage.

“And for Amelia, to help put a stop to some of that is a glorious use to her life,” said Madeline Robison.

“I would hope that people would look at our experience and think look not what the Robison’s did – look what God did for them,” said Madeline Robison.

Life isn’t always easy without their little girl, but the memory of Amelia with her little glasses and blonde, Shirley Temple curls forever lives in their hearts.

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