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Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend [HD]

Candice Benjamin
Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend [HD]

Comedian and nationally syndicated radio host Steve Harvey has a New York Times best selling book spilling secrets to women on how to think like a man. Now Harvey is opening up his ranch outside of Dallas giving lessons to boys on how to act like a man. There were 50 young men and 50 flown in from across the country all in Little Elm, Texas to participate in Steve Harvey’s Mentoring Weekend. This is the second year that Harvey has opened his ranch stretching over 200 acres to teenage boys in need of positive, male role models.

“Boys get their imagery from a man of some kind and if you don’t put the right imagery in front of him he’s going to attach himself to some imagery of a man,” said mentor Steve Harvey.

The young men are invited to Harvey’s ranch for four days. All of the boys are living in single parent homes without their fathers.

“It’s a virtual impossibility for a woman to turn a boy into a man,” said Harvey. “You are teaching what principles to him? You can’t know them. They have to be lived.”

So Harvey recruited heavyweights like education activist and CNN Education Contributor Doctor Steve Perry to lead workshops to make sure each young man here is prepared for manhood.

“There’s so many people that talk about doing something and Steve Harvey is actually doing something,” said Doctor Steve Perry. “For me to come down here and bring my family down here I do it because he’s doing something meaningful and we want to make sure we do all we can to support him.”

And local mentors like Dallas Police Officer Leroy Quigg came out too.

“I’m in the gang unit and I see a lot of kids throw their lives away,” said Dallas police officer Leroy Quigg. “This is real meaningful to me to try to put the kids on the right path so they grow up to be productive citizens.”

Over the weekend Quigg worked closely with mentee Brandon Berry. He’s noticed a big change in Berry in just a few days.

“He came here really shy but now he’s more extroverted and talking to people,” said Quigg.

“It’s all about manhood,” said student Brandon Berry. “How to stand strong and stand for what you believe in. If you need some money don’t take the easy way out just stick through it. Put God first and hopefully you’ll come out the bigger man in the end.”

“Real me go to church,” said Harvey. “Real men have jobs. Real men work everyday. Real men honor women. Real men take care of their children. Real men that become fathers perform as fathers. Real men respect the law. Real men are disciplined. Real men do what they say their going to do. If you make better boys better boys make better men and then women have better selection. We have to change the core of the family base otherwise we’re going to mess this thing up for good.”

With more help Harvey is planning to take his mentoring weekend to 10 more cities around the nation.

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8 Responses to “Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend [HD]”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Thanks Candice for reporting this story. Great job! And thank you Steve Harvey for all you do. I read your book last year and then soon after met my husband – a real man who goes to church, has a job and honors me – truly a rare find these days.

  2. Todd Bristow Says:

    Hello All –

    I love what Steve is doing for a weekend. Yet, I must share a two facts. A) The issues our boys are facing requires long term relationships and accountable mentoring matches. B) Parterning with Big Brothers Big Sisetrs works and have a long lasting impact on all parties.

    So, Steve have your people contact our people so that we can advance the promise of our young people. Visit http://www.mentoringbrothers.org or http://www.bbbs.org Become a long term mentor in the life of one boy and change his life and yours forever.

    Warmest regards,

    Todd Bristow
    Director of Resource Development
    Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star

    P.S. Texas State Senator Royce West signed up to become a Big Brother. The men of Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Pi have national partnership agreements with Big Brothers Big Sisters to address this need of mentors of color for our boys. STEVE it is time, come on brother let’s START SOMETHING!

  3. Todd Bristow Says:

    Hi Candice,

    Great job! Hope you will stop by the Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star office at 450 E. John Carpenter Freeway Irving Texas 75063 for a follow up from the Feb 17, 2010 story real soon.

    Todd Bristow

  4. Todd Bristow Says:

    Must read and requires a follow up!


    · Written By: Staff Writer

    · 8-23-2010

    · Categorized in: State

    Sen. Royce West

    DALLAS- Last week, Sen. Royce West, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, met with local Black Greek fraternities and sororities to address the crises faced by African-American students and the low graduation rates of African-American males in the state of Texas. The meeting, held at the T. Boone Pickens Mentoring Hall of Fame in the Big Brothers Big Sisters headquarters, 450 E. John Carpenter Freeway in Irving, Texas, emphasized the need for mentorship concerning the growing number of African-American children, boys especially, on the waiting list of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    Partnering with Texas Pan-Hellenic Greek organizations, Senator West is launching a new statewide initiative to create a mentorship pipeline for African- American students. The goal of the initiative is to work with students beginning in the 3rd grade and continuing through the completion of their sophomore year of college.

    The pilot program will begin in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex in Fall 2010. In addition to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organizations, other service-based institutions will be involved as well. Working with members of the area’s Pan-Hellenic Greek Council’s “Divine Nine,” the initiative will be to serve as mentors to students attending public school or who are currently enrolled in their freshman or sophomore year of college.

    Sen. West stated, ““The unique power of our organizations can make significant change happen in the lives of our African-American children. We are the leaders in our community and it is our duty to answer the call of our most vulnerable youth…By uniting and partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, we have the rare opportunity to make REAL change, the kind of change that will infinitely impact every generation to follow.”

    “Life is about changes and sacrifices; you must be able to make them in order to succeed.” Lewis Brewer

  5. Raw interview with Steve Harvey – Video Blog | DFW Reporting Says:

    […] Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend [HD] […]

  6. Lucille Thomas Says:

    I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show and heard about the Mentoring Weekend for young girls. I have two granddaughters that would benefit from this program. Please can you email the details? Both parents are single mothers and all the assistance thay can have in rearing these young ladies is greatly appreciated. Thank you

  7. Alversia Vinson Says:

    Would love for my grandson to attend this meeting. Please send me the necessary information so we can make this happens.

    Thank you MR. Harvey

  8. Michelle Bell Says:

    Mr Harvey I would like for my son to attend one of your Mentoring Programs can you please send me some information on it please!!!! I am in desperate need of help before I lose him.
    Thank you in advance

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