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Texas Rangers pitcher helps children [HD]

Angela Hamann
Texas Rangers pitcher helps children [HD]

Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson watched fans throw the strikes at his second annual Strike Out Bowling Tournament. The event benefited Wilson’s Children’s Charities.

“It’s more about the effect we have on the community and we are able to show people that their 15 dollars or 20 bucks goes directly towards a cause,” said Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson.

Wilson’s cause is raising money for children with illnesses. He created his foundation in 2006 after a little boy with hemophilia had a big impact on him. That little boy’s father is the co-founder of Wilson foundation.

”We started this in 2006 right after he met my son and doing this with him has been an absolutely amazing experience,” said Co-Founder of C.J. Wilson’s Children’s Charities Robert Champagne. “He’s a regular guy that really just wants to help kids.”

Champagne appreciated the impact Wilson has on the charity. Wilson is dedicated to raising money for children and getting Ranger’s fans involved.

“I think it’s important to not just cut a check,” said Wilson. “I think it’s important to actually get out their and show people give people an example of what you can do with yourself and your time,” said Wilson.

C.J. Wilson’s charity events are mainly promoted through social media like Twitter and Facebook. Wilson says he’s always inspired by the amount of fans that make it to events like this one.

“I have a handicap child so anything that’s a charity or organization is wonderful and on top of that we are Texas Rangers fans so what more could you ask,” said Lisa May.

This is the eleventh event for Wilson’s Children’s Charities and donations continue to grow.

“We already pre-sold more tickets and made more money on presale than we did last year at the same event,” said Wilson.

Wilson says seeing a fan wearing one of his charity shirts is as rewarding as seeing a fan wearing his jersey.

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3 Responses to “Texas Rangers pitcher helps children [HD]”



    This is awesome.

    Congratulation on this amazing job!!!!!


  2. Robert Champagne Says:

    It was great to meet you– Great Story!! Thank you!!!

  3. Ashlee Says:

    What a great story! It’s so nice to see that some professional athletes take time to give back to the communities that support them! Great job Angela!! :D

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