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Plano girl creates iPhone app [HD]

Rachel Christianson
Plano girl creates iPhone app [HD]

Freddie Anne Hodges is twelve years old and lives in Plano. She’s also the brains behind a new iPhone app called Measure-Me.

“I’ve always wanted to know how tall I was because I was growing and I was getting taller than my grandma,” said Freddie Anne Hodges.

“She was kind of standing up from the table and she says dad this thing should measure me,” said Freddie Anne’s father Clark Hodges. “She went over and stood against the wall. It was almost like a light bulb moment. I was like that’s a good idea.”

Freddie Anne’s father, Clark Hodges, found a developer to help make his daughter’s dream become a reality.

“She won’t recognize it until she’s older what this has really done for her,” said Clark Hodges. “She is really the CEO of a little venture.”

The app works like this: take a picture of your child in a doorway that you know the height of and adjust the lines on your phone to the top and bottom of the door and then to the top of your child’s head.

“Then it just tells you how tall you are from there,” said Freddie Anne.

That information is then stored in the app and can be e-mailed to someone, or played in a slide show.

“That will be the neat thing someday to show somebody when they are five and when they are ten,” said Clark Hodges. “They can see however many times mom decided to take their picture how they have grown.”

Freddie Anne says she already has ideas for more apps but without the support of her dad their wouldn’t have been one to begin with.

“He’s the one that actually decided to follow through with my idea and to go to an app maker,” said Freddie Anne. “Without him there wouldn’t be an app.”

“I’m real proud of what she has learned and I know that she is going to do something with this,” said Clark Hodges. “I know that she’s going to do bigger and better things to come from this.”

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3 Responses to “Plano girl creates iPhone app [HD]”

  1. Bear Says:

    Great video and good story all around. The Hodges family did a great job coming up w/ the idea and it was a pleasure to work with them.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Anastasia Sillaway Says:

    Can you please fin out who developed it and how much he charged. Thanks,

    Anastasia Sillaway

  3. Bear Says:

    Hi Anastasia,

    We developed the app for the Hodges. Feel free to read more about us and contact us at Brainwashinc.com.


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