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Nonprofits getting executive help [HD]

Rachel Christianson
Nonprofits getting executive help [HD]

“I really felt that it was a time in my life that I wanted to give back more,” said Director of Development for CONTACT Crisis Line Bob Munro.

Bob Munro was in the corporate world for twenty five years when he decided it was time for a change. He was searching throughout the greater Dallas area when he came across Executives in Action.

“I would highly recommend Executives in Action no matter if the executive is just in transition,” said Munro. “It’s a great way that they can still use their skills sets.”

Executives in Action is an organization designed to help put a positive spin on unemployment. They match executives up with nonprofits in need of some high level expertise.

“We were placed with Bob Munro,” said President of CONTACT Benaye Rogers. “He came and worked with us for three months. In that time period he helped us raise a little over twenty five thousand dollars.”

Munro, the first executive in the program, joined CONTACT which is a twenty four hour crisis hot line that takes over forty two thousand calls a year.

“We really help a broad number of people from breaking point to turning point,” said Rogers. “The number one thing that people call us about that is atypical is a bad day. On average we may call a loved one or a friend but what we have to remember is that a bad day can turn into a bad week that can turn into a bad situation.”

For Munro the nonprofit world proved to be one he wanted to stay in.

“I’m using skills I’ve learned over the passed twenty five years but I feel like there is more heart in it,” said Munro.

“I can say that we would not have been able to accomplish many of the things that we have accomplished with Bob and our other placements from Executives in Action that quite frankly we would have been unable to afford otherwise,” said Rogers.

Since its launch in 2009 Executives in Action has matched nearly one hundred and fifty executives with over seventy nonprofits.

Take a look at the video in HD about Executives in Action produced by DFW Reporting above!

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