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Former Dallas Desperados veteran wide receiver and defensive back Will Pettis is back in action playing now for the Dallas Vigilantes of the Arena Football League after the league ceased operations for a year to form a new business model. The Desperados are no longer a team and the Vigilantes were launched. Pettis was absent in the beginning of this AFL season this year and he opened up on why that was. He says his decision to leave the Desperados was the result of a broken relationship with former Dallas Vigilantes head coach Rich Ingold who was dismissed in the middle of this season by the team.

“I believe that in life first there must be respect on both ends and if there’s not we can’t go forward,” said Will Pettis.

It’s been nearly two years since Pettis has played arena ball and along with a new jersey he’s also sporting a new attitude.

“I look at it like just going out there and having fun,” said Pettis.

Pettis says he has full trust in Vigilantes interim head coach James Fuller and he hopes he remains in the position permanently. For now Pettis is just having fun.

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