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Race car lovers rev up your engines! Some of your favorite drivers recently took over Macy’s in NorthPark Center. Hundreds of race car fans of all ages were eager to meet their idol drivers.

“I want to see Helio because he is from Dancing with the Stars,” said Kathleen Carter.

“My littlest one wanted to marry Danica so he wanted to come and ask her,” said Elena Bishop.

Helio Castroneves was one of the most popular drivers there.

“I actually waved at him and I told him Abigado,” said David Cavazos.

Castroneves was enjoying the Dallas love.

“Look at this,” said driver Helio Castroneves. “Are you kidding me? This is awesome. This is great to have everybody coming over here and asking for an autograph.”

He also has a history of winning races in the Lonestar State.

“I just found out that I won three times here,” said Castroneves. “I didn’t know that.”

Many of the race car lovers at Macy’s stood in line for hours to get that one special autograph. Fans showed their unconditional loyalty to their driving heroes.

“I’m actually honored to have fans like this,” said Castroneves. “You can never repay fans like this.”

Other drivers are just as grateful.

“Thanks for watching Indy Car and hopefully we’ll have your support for a long time,” said driver Raphael Matos. “We’re here racing for our fans.”

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