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The cowboys were out at Lonestar Park racing against the odds.

“The more I bet the more I lose,” said former Dallas Cowboys safety Cliff Harris. “It’s fun though. Everybody that comes out has a great time.”

Veteran Dallas Cowboys, current players and lots of sports heavy weights came together to place their bets against the threat of diabetes.

“I’ve had people in my family suffer from diabetes so I definitely support the cause,” said Dallas Cowboys safety Terence Newman.

This event raised money for the American Diabetes Association.

“We’ve seen immense growth in this event,” said sports columnist and ESPN radio host Randy Galloway.

Growth that has taken it to be the largest fund raising event for the ADA in six states and one of the top five in the country. Sports columnist Randy Galloway is an honorary chairman.

“We’re very proud of that,” said Galloway. “It’s because of my wife and a lot of my friends.”

Friends like Dallas Cowboys owner, president and general manager Jerry Jones.

“Success means helping a lot of people,” said Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones. “My father’s families has diabetes so I do know first hand how dehabilitating it can be and how compromising it can be.”

Almost all supporters who came to the event had some kind of connection to diabetes.

“My dad was actually diagnosed with diabetes,” said former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Tony Casillas. “He suffered some amputation.”

Melissa Caraway works for the ADA and says life with diabetes is an adjustment but education about the disease is key to a normal life.

“It’s not a death sentence,” said Melissa Caraway. “It’s not going to kill you as long as you manage it. Take the time to listen to what your doctor says.”

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2 Responses to “Largest fundraiser for American Diabetes Association [HD]”

  1. Rosalinda Ruiz Says:

    GREAT story…Diabetes runs in my family….I just lost my mom 2 weeks ago from it….Its comforting to read about people caring a contributing. Thanks =)

  2. Belinda Ruiz Says:

    Wow! I really love this story! It makes me feel happy to hear that my family&I aren’t the only ones dealing with this terrible disease of Diabetes and there are people out there doing fundraisers&other things for this cause. I lost my Mom on May 19th recently due to Diabetes…so this story hits me close to home. I would love to do more&wish I had the funds to contribute to the ADA and any other associations or charity causes for Diabetes…anything to help. Because I saw & know what this disease can do to a person&the family. I have lost other family members due to Diabetes and I have family members dealing with and suffering from Diabetes. I really appreciate the Dallas Cowboys,Jerry Jones,and all the other people who participated in this fundraiser. Great job guys! In loving memory of my wonderful,beautiful Mom!

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