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Polo Perfect by Regalia Dallas

Posted on: June 12, 2009, 6:56 am

Lindsey Miller CrouchWritten by:

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I recently had a wonderful time covering a great non-profit and initiative, The Chiapas Project Junior Committee’s Divot Dash Polo Match, in Las Colinas!

Since this was my first polo match, (not sure why I never made it to the Belmont when I lived in the city :/) I made sure to consult the fashion experts before stepping out onto the field!

Regalia Dallas was there to save my sunny Sunday! After meeting me only once and seeing a few online photos, Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Consultant, Ann Johns, hit her favorite boutiques and came back with some incredible options – and they were all my style! I was actually quite shocked that I liked everything she brought over – 5 great classic, beautiful dresses – a plethora of shoe options including gladiator sandals, wedges, and ones with a little heel, because I mentioned to her that I was a little hesitant of wearing flats while interviewing men on horses with my 5’5 stature. :)

I added a few of my thin gold bangles, and actually decided to go with my own little tan & gold wedges. You know how much more comfortable it is to wear something that you’ve already broken in about a hundred times!

Look for The Chiapas Project – Divot Dash Polo Match story to be published this weekend; you’ll see which fabulous dress I decided to go with from Melanie Gayle in Snider Plaza! You can find the expertise of Regalia Dallas, anytime at: http://regaliadallas.com.

Thank you Melanie Gayle (www.melaniegayle.com) for providing my wardrobe, and a special thanks to Regalia Dallas for styling and being so great to work with!

Lindsey Miller
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  1. Fi Says:

    How fun! I checked those websites , I love the clothes! :)

  2. Art Wilson Says:

    Great initiative…. Thanks for sharing….

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